17 de febrero de 2011

Aeroflot Open

Le Quang Liem takes full point lead in 'last' open?

15.02.2011 – Despite the wonderful conditions, such as a generous prizefund with $20,000 for first place, reduced airfares, and even airport taxes covered by the organizers, the tournament director has admitted that next year's event is not guaranteed. Though attendance is on a low, possibly due to the world crisis, the field has been no less impressive. A beautiful illustrated report by Anna Burtasova.

Le Quang Liem, Nikita Vitiugov, and Evgeny Tomashevsky finished on first position of Aeroflot Chess Open 2010 with equal 6,5/9 points. Le Quang Liem edged his opponnents on tiebreak to claim second consecutive title, confirming his dominance from Aeroflot 2010.
In the B section 3 players shared the top position as well, GM Tigran Kotanjian, GM Darwin Laylo, and GM Nikolai Kabanov, with the title going to GM Tigran Kotanjian on tiebreak. The junior David Shahinyan won the Aeroflot C.
Scroll down for the final standings, all games can be
replayed here.

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