7 de mayo de 2011

Only one win – to Kamsky

Day 1:
 Four draws in a row

The Candidates Matches has taken their start. High officials have made their first moves to officially open the Event. And remarkable to state, that all the four games of the day 1ended in a draw, with just one to be characterized as peaceful.
Prestigious Korston Hotel of Kazan, Russia. We are in the competition hall before the start. There are still no participants. And only photographers are looking for the best positions to take pictures. Behind their backs, there is a non-transparent screen to exclude the contact of players with spectators. The least can watch the main characters play, while vice versa that’s hardly impossible. There are two large demonstration screens in both sides from of stage. They are to broadcast games and display pictures from the two cameras in the playing zone. Doctors are entering the spectators hall. Don’t be surprised. That’s a sport competition after all, and there will is be doping control as well. Chess, no doubt, have got something to do with football.

Kramnik, Vladimir - Radjabov, Teimour 1/2
Topalov, Veselin - Kamsky, Gata 0-1
Grischuk, Alexander - Aronian, Levon 1/2
Gelfand, Boris - Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 1/2

Gata Kamsky

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